Fiscal Year 2021

Technical Assistance

Statistics (August 9-13; February 21-25)

METAC assisted the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics to compile an input-output table (IOT) for economic modeling and analysis. IOTs allow analysts to model “what if?” questions at a detailed level, exploring the impact of exogenous changes in final demand on output. For example, “What is the effect on industrial output that would result from an increase in public expenditure to combat a recession or unemployment?” The compiled IOT was an industry-by-industry table based on the 2017 supply and use tables (SUTs) that were compiled and published in December 2019. As part of the process of compiling the IOT, the following tables were also compiled: SUTs at basic prices, imports use table, domestic use table, and Leontief inverse matrix.

METAC recommended improvements to the methodology used by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics to compile GDP at constant prices. It also provided guidance and a roadmap to move from fixed-base year constant price estimates to chain-linked volume measures.