Web Notes

Fiscal Year 2024

April 2024

Webinar on Insurance Solutions to Mitigate Climate Damages

Webinar on Climate Change and the Financial System

March 2024

Regional workshop on the Macroeconomics of Climate Change

February 2024

Webinar on Adapting to Climate Change in the Middle East and Central Asia

Webinar on Trade Integration in Africa

Webinar on A Low Carbon Future for the Middle East and Central Asia

January 2024

Regional Workshop on Pillar Two Supervisory Review Approaches

Regional Workshop on Modernizing Customs Procedures to Achieve the Objectives of the AfCFTA

Webinar on Macroeconomics of Climate Change

November 2023

Regional Workshop - Gender and Inequality

October 2023

Regional Workshop on Organizational Design of Tax Administrations

Regional Workshop on the use of Financial Intelligence in Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Investigations

New Frontiers of Openness

Regional Workshop on Macro-Fiscal Policy Planning and Advisory

Regional Workshop on Measuring Financial Services

Developing Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process SRP in Morocco

September 2023

AML-CFT Assessors Training Course

Webinar on the Revised Basel Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision

Training on Beneficial Ownership

July 2023

Regional Workshop on Managing Tax Compliance Risks in the Oil and Gas Industry Sector

June 2023

Regional Conference and SC meeting

Regional Workshop on Supply and Use Tables

May 2023

Regional Workshop on IFRS9 A Supervisory Perspective

Regional Workshop on Measuring Gross Capital Formation