Upcoming Missions

Planned Activities: February 2020 – April 2020

Country Mission Date Part of FY20
Work Plan
Banking Regulations & Supervision 
Djibouti  Implementation Basel II & III standards  Feb16-27 yes  
Regional workshop with CEF Islamic Banking regulation & supervision March 8-12 yes Kuwait City
Morocco Follow up on TA mission on ICAAP March 23-27 yes Casablanca
Algeria Follow up on SREP April 19-23 yes  
Revenue Administration
Egypt Follow-up on compliance risk management Feb23 - March05 yes  
Jordan  Improvement of Customs selectivity and targeting system through enhanced data analysis capacity. tbc yes  
Sudan  Further implementation of risk management within Sudan Customs Authority operations tbc yes  
Iraq Advise on the managements arrangements and implementation of new IT-system to support main business process in the tax administration.   yes Offsite mission 
Egypt  Performance management in Customs administration April 6-16 yes  
Jordan  Advise on the implementation of a formal binding public and private ruling mechanism.  April 12-23 yes  
Lebanon Advise on the development of strategies for debt reduction and debt prevention. tbc yes  
Morocco  Advise on how to identify, assess and rank compliance and institutionals risks and how to develop an compliance improvement program to mitigate indenfied risks. tbc yes  
Regional Workshop with CEF Regional workshop on Customs modernization strategies for improved revenue mobilization. April 21-23 yes Kuwait City
Iraq Compilation of full sequence of accounts Feb 9-13 yes Offsite mission 
Lebanon Develop GDP by expenditure Marach 2-13 yes  
Sudan Update and revise CPI weights with new data March 15-26 yes  
Morocco Training on national accounts concepts and compilation issues March 16-20 no  
Djibouti Development of the GDP compilation systen and documentation of sources and methods March 22-April 02 yes  
Sudan Training on national accounts and preparation of files for rebasing March 29-April 09 yes  
Lebanon Improve and expand the PPI; Update and revise the CPI March 30-April 10 yes Might be suspended
Afghanistan Development of export and import prices indices April 5-9 yes Offsite mission 
Regional Workshop Workshop on Measurement of the non-observed economy in the national accounts April 12-16 yes Amman - Jordan
Afghanistan Develop quarterly GDP April 19-23 yes Offsite mission 
Publich Financial Management
Sudan Advisory on Fiscal Risk  Feb 16-25 yes  
Egypt SOEs and fiscal risk Feb23- March03 yes  
Egypt  Follow-up on fiscal costs and risks from PPPs Feb22- March05 yes  
Lebanon Gender-based budgeting workshop March 03-05 yes  
Djibouti Follow up on May 2017 HQ mission on TSA and cash management March 03-13 yes  
Yemen Budget Planning March 10-13 yes Offsite mission 
Algeria Support to implement the provisions of the new organic budget law related to the budget preparation March 16-26 yes  
Algeria Support to implement the monitoring of fiscal risks March 16-26 yes  
Morocco Development of capacity to assess fiscal costs and risks from PPPs (PIMA follow-up) March 16-27 yes  
Sudan Advisory on Macro Fiscal Planning March 22-26 Yes  
Sudan Cash Management April 19-30 Yes Joint mission with HQ
Afghanistan Selected PFM topics for new Program April 24-May01 Yes Joint mission with HQ