METAC’s resources are available to (i) identify and design measures to strengthen specific aspects of economic and financial management; (ii) prepare detailed implementation plans based on the diagnostic work conducted by IMF-Headquarters; (iii) provide policy and technical advice either by the Center’s resident advisers or by experts from the IMF roster; (iv) organize hands-on training, seminars, workshops to allow for peer-to-peer learning and disseminate good practices; (v) review proposals by governments for consistency with internationally agreed standards, and (vi) coordinate activities with other technical assistance providers.

Decisive policies and reforms have helped improve macroeconomic conditions in Morocco, but important challenges remain in raising growth and employment. The IMF’s precautionary and liquidity line (PLL) provides insurance against external risks and supports the authorities’ efforts to strengthen fiscal sustainability, transition toward greater exchange rate flexibility, and promote higher growth and reduce unemployment. METAC’s assistance focuses on helping the banking supervision prepare for the transition toward greater exchange rate flexibility, and strengthening public investment management to foster inclusive growth, and improving the integration of financial sector data in real sector statistics.